Who is GOPA ?

The Garda Older Persons Association (GOPA) committee was established to help deliver a

policing service which addresses the needs of older people.

GOPA is a Public Consultation Committee which has representatives from local statutory and

voluntary agencies and those with an interest in older people needs, like you!

The objectives of this committee are to ensure Garda provision of support for older people

through communication, engagement and addressing the needs of older people.

The volunteers on the committee act as coordinators for the respective areas who liaise with

their Community Gardai. Issues concerning older people are presented at committee meetings

and resolutions sought.

The committee aim to provide:

  •  Community engagement
  •  Assistance with access to services such as pendant alarms
  •  Focussed community interaction
  •  Advisory services
  •  Survey and data evaluation with the help of our partner agencies
  •  Communication structures
  •  High visibility targeted patrols
  •  Safety campaigns marketed in collaboration of older people
  •  Local policing action against anti-social issues and crime

New members are always welcome and encouraged to join this very valuable committee. For

further information please contact the Secretary, GOPA, C/O Community Policing Office,

Dun Laoghaire Station, 34-35 Corrig Ave, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin or Telephone 01-

6665020/ 6665057