How does it work?

  • Living Independently At Home
  • Calls received at 24 hour monitoring centre within seconds
  • Your Contacts – Friends, Neighbours, Relatives, Carers, Emergency Services

How Can I Get It?

You can get TeleCare in 2 ways

Through the Statutory Grant
 Private Purchase

The Grant – Seniors Alert Scheme

You need to get this through a registered community group in your area. The grant will cover the following items:

Monitored Personal Alarm (Basic TeleCare)               €250

Additional Pendant/Reinstallation                             €50

Private Purchase

TeleCare is very cost effectively priced. Most Companies do a rental option as well as outright purchase. There are a range of additional sensors that you can purchase that will allow you to manage risks in the home including:

  • Monitored Fall Detector
  • Bogus Caller Button
  • Epilepsy Sensor
  • Medication Reminder
  • Heat Extremes Sensor
  • Flood Detector
  • Wandering Alert

List of Service Providers

Company Name Telephone Number Email Website
Emergency Response Ltd 1850 247 999
TASK Community Care 01-8435889
eircom PhoneWatch 1850 753 753
Fold TeleCare 047-52375
Alertline 1890 22 44 22