Parks of Dunlaoghaire-Rathdown

Local Parks

  • Deer park
  • Shanganagh Park
  • Ballawley Park and Balally hill
  • Carysfort Park
  • Clonkeen Park
  • Dillons Park
  • Dodder Valley
  • Killbogget Park
  • Longford Gardens
  • Loreto Park
  • Loughlinstown
  • Moran Park
  • Rockfield Park
  • Newtownsmith
  • Sorrento Park
  • Mount Albany/Springhill Park

Flagship parks

Flagship parks:

  • Marlay Park
  • Blackrock Park
  • Cabinteely Park
  • Killiney Hill Park
  • Peoples park Dunlaoghaire

Your Parks And Open Spaces

The many parks of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown have a wealth of flora and fauna just waiting for you to explore. Did you know that there are in excess of 1000 hectares of landscaped parkland and planned wilderness freely available to you for your enjoyment.

In the parks you will see the multiplicity of colours in nature, ever-changing during the four seasons, see the beautifully manicured grassland, but also notice the tall long grass areas.

Grass cutting has been somewhat reduced to encourage the return and growth of wild flower meadows. This policy also has another positive effect – it creates a habitat suitable for wildlife. These areas are already being occupied by a vast variety of birds and mammals.

Our parks are now maintained in accordance with “green” principles that are a minimum use of artificial aids such as insecticides and herbicides, indeed in some cases abandoned all together. The Parks Department ongoing standards and policies ensures that there is a safe food chain for wildlife – the wide variety of food and tastes for insects, birds and mammals is being well catered for. In the eyes of the wildlife the park is one large eco restaurant.

We have large expanses of grassland and flowers in all the parks; this however is not at the expense of the wooded areas. Woodland is continually being upgraded and improved, cleaned, pruned and replanted. More than 6000 trees and bushes, deciduous and evergreen are planted each year.

Parks do not just happen, left to its own devices nature will rapidly take over and create an impenetrable wilderness. Parkland needs managing.

Effective parkland management depends greatly upon the skills, expertise and dedication of all the members of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Parks Department who work summer and winter in all weathers on our behalf.

There is a simple and free means of showing our appreciation of their efforts – visit your local park.

Bring the grandchildren watch them play, marvel at their energy and listen to the sound of their laughter.

Ask friends to join you in the park for a chat or picnic, reminisce and enjoy your memories.

Admire the colours and sounds of nature, borrow a book on Birds of Ireland from your

library, how many different types can you see.


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